Spa Find Mineral Facials

Luxury mineral facials inspired by the natural healing and detoxifying properties of Dead Sea mud, salt and seaweed.
Spa Find specialise in authentic natural mineral spa therapies, blending pure Dead Sea minerals and organic plant extracts for skin friendly formulas suitable for all skin types.

Mini mineral facial

A mini treatment designed to introduce Spa Find mineral skincare.


Essential Elements prescriptive facial

A cleansing and balancing facial designed to re-mineralize all skin types, specifically targeting what your skin needs.


Lava shell Therma facial

A deeply relaxing facial using heated lava shells to renew dehydrated skin, leaving the complexion radiant and naturally toned.


Sea Source renewal facial

An energising and renewing facial to oxygenate and rebalance tired skin and to exfoliate and renew the hands.


Marine nourishment facial

A luxury firming and anti-ageing facial to nourish and rejuvenate mature skin and to treat the hands to an exfoliation and nourishing massage.


Thai hot herb compress facial

Traditional Thai healing facial using steamed herb compresses containing a blend of therapeutic herbs including ginger and lemongrass to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.


Dermabalance Hydra-Cleanse facial

A galvanic electro-therapy treatment to deep cleanse and purify problem skin prone to breakouts and rehydrate all other skin types, gently improving texture and congestion.


Neal’s Yard Organic Facials

Neal’s Yard Remedies holistic facials blend organic, ethically sourced ingredients to create skincare packed with goodness inspired by nature’s herbal extracts and flower essences.

Eco express facial

A mini treatment designed to introduce Neal’s Yard organic skincare to include a deep cleanse, pressure point massage and revitalising mask.


Organic holistic facial

A nourishing and relaxing facial to promote radiance and balance to all skin types. The uplifting floral essence of essential oils helps to calm the mind.


Frankincense anti-ageing facial

A restorative facial packed full of anti-ageing plant extracts to plump and smooth, giving the skin an age-defying boost and reduce the signs of sun damage to face and hands.


Nutmeg signature facial ritual

Begins with a welcoming foot ritual and a cup of herb tea, followed by an organic anti-ageing facial complete with a luxurious hand treatment with warm mitts and hand massage.