Destress Spirit

Choose your bespoke aroma oil for the ultimate destress back, face and scalp massage with hot aroma steam towels and inhalations of eucalyptus and menthol.


Indian Head massage

Traditional massage practised in India to relax and ease tension in scalp, neck and shoulders.


Hot back muscle melt

Hot stones will specifically target the back and shoulders which is recommended to relax and relieve tension in this area on a deeper level.


Hopi ear candling

Traditional Native American relaxation ceremony using a honey and sage hollow candle to induce warmth, relaxation and balance of pressure within the ear.

Ear candles provide a safe, gentle massage action to the ear drum to relieve stress, nervous tension, headaches, sinus congestion and alleviates wax blockages.


Temple Soul ritual

Create a moment of peace and drift away to the shores of the Mediterranean with aromatic ritual of:

Tree of Life sole soak

Drift Away back massage

Temple Glow facial


Sun Salutation escape

Tree of Life sole soak

Hot stone back muscle melt

Chakra crystals

Hot stone hand melt

Element booster facial and scalp massage


Five Element aroma facial

A relaxing and exfoliating facial to rebalance and improve texture post shaving.