Holistic Therapies have been practised for thousands of years all over the world with the intent of bringing the body, mind and soul together to bring clarity of thoughts, elevation of mood and release of stress.

New!! Akwaterra massage ritual

Harnessing the natural synergy between Water and Earth using heated sandstone pods to provide an exclusive luxury Nutmeg Spa signature massage ritual, together with a lavender heated eye mask and peaceful singing bowl sound therapy.

Water ~ Soothe
Wood ~ Rejuvenate
Fire ~ Zest
Earth ~ Harmony
Metal ~ Detox

( Not yet available as a double treatment)


Hopi ear candling

Traditional Native American relaxation ceremony using a honey and sage hollow candle to induce warmth, relaxation and balance of pressure within the ear.

Ear candles provide a safe, gentle massage action to the ear drum to relieve stress, nervous tension, headaches, sinus congestion and alleviates wax blockages.


Chakra stone reflexology

A non-diagnostic reflexology foot massage incorporating hot stone massage to lower legs and feet and the placement of healing crystals on the body to rebalance the chakras.


Indian head massage

Traditional seated massage practised in India to relax and ease tension in the scalp, neck and shoulders.


Crystal reiki

A healing energy channelled through hands to intuitively go to areas of the body where there is an imbalance or stress to release blockages and encourage a natural healing reaction, together with the placement of chakra balancing crystals.


New !! Thermal wellbeing ritual

A holistic aromatic massage and wrap, focused on the back, with restorative inhalation oils, grounding aromatic detox oil and thermal clay to evoke a peaceful sense of wellbeing.