Holistic Therapies have been practised for thousands of years all over the world with the intent of bringing the body and soul together and have them working together to support each other.

Benefits of Holistic Therapies may include:

Indian head massage

Traditional massage practised in India to relax and ease tension in the scalp, neck and shoulders.


Chakra stone reflexology

A non-diagnostic reflexology foot massage incorporating hot stone massage to lower legs and feet and the placement of natural healing crystals on the body to rebalance the chakras.


Hopi Ear Candling

Traditional Native American relaxation ceremony using a honey and sage hollow candle to induce warmth and balance of pressure. Ear candles cause a gentle massage action to the ear drum to relieve stress and nervousness, headaches, wax problems and sinus congestion.



A healing energy channelled through hands to intuitively go to any areas of the body where there is an imbalance or stress. Reiki promotes relaxation and peace by releasing blockages and encourages a natural healing reaction within the body and mind.


Reiki Massage

Reiki energy together with either a back and neck massage or reflex foot massage