Back and neck massage


Aromatic full body massage


Aromatic full body, face and scalp massage

Indulge in the ultimate relaxing full body massage with the addition of face and scalp massage.


De- Stress Spirit

Calming de-stress massage and hot towels to include back, face and scalp.


Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

A deep massage particularly suitable for those with aching muscles through sport.

Option for half body or full body treatment

£37/ £60

Thai Oil Massage

A deep body massage focusing on meridian lines and acupressure points, stimulating the flow of vital energy for emotional and physical healing. Thai oil massage uses manipulation and stretching to ease aching muscles with firm pressure.


Oriental Massage Escapes

Thai hot herb compress healer

Aromatic body massage using steamed compresses containing a blend of traditional therapeutic herbs to unwind and ease muscles.


Hawaiian lomi lomi massage escape

Nurturing massage using gentle flowing wave movements, capturing the essence of aloha with a warm oil candle massage.


Desert hot mineral stone escape

Hot mineral stone massage to release warmth into the muscles to ease tension, creating harmony and positive energy flow.


Lava Shell Massage

A deeply comforting and relaxing full body massage treatment which uses self-heating Tiger Clam shells from the shores of the Philippines.  These marine polished sea shells are heated from within using lava gel and natural minerals and glide smoothly over the body to release warmth into muscle tension and provide a sense of balance and harmony to entire mind and body.

Hot Lava Shell relax massage


Hot Lava Shell back massage